Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Assorted Geekery: Hack/Slash

Hack/Slash Series 1 Issue 1

Okay so quick review today, just cause.

Hack/Slash: not exactly a new series, the first Issue came out in 2007, but has been around since 2004 in a series of one-offs with some interesting names. 

Based around these two people:

Cassandra and Vlad (guess which one is which), hunt “slashers” which is a colloquial term for some crazy people who do equally crazy things to other people for the giggles. Cassandra herself was a survivor of a slasher attack, but the Slasher was her mother, who did this to her face before she was caught.

I think you’re meant to assume she is dead, but obviously she is not dead, I haven’t even read that much cause I just started it, I’m on issue 8 or something, but seriously she cannot be dead. It’s too simple, maybe I’m wrong but just cause you deep fry ‘yo’ face, (silly b****) does not automatically mean you’re dead.

Think of it like the TV series supernatural, two people go travelling around America killing bad people, there can be some supernatural stuff involved but mainly it just people who have gone a bit cray-cray

Whats good: Good story, good art, nice use of violence. Thankfully there is a deeper story to it (by the looks of) and you don’t need an extensive background in 3 years’ worth of one-shot comics.
What also is good: Use of strong female character, with a musclebound partner, reminds me of a modern-age "Han and Chewie"

Whats bad: looks like it may end up relying on sex appeal and that sort of debauchery which will be classed as storylines. And I’m not sure how long this concept can work, but I say that but since this is an old comic, it must be doing well to keep running.
And there you go, until next time.

Whats also bad: Stealing, all images belong to creators of the comic, but images come from my own copy.

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