Thursday, 10 May 2012

Day 1 of The KF Review

Welcome to my first attempt at a daily blog, the main focus of this is to write about what I like and that I feel like sharing with the rest of world, even if it just serves of a memory bank of what i used to be like :)
The blog will be daily (hopefully) and will cover 3 Topics each day in this order:
1: 3 Things that have made me laugh or think or just plain enjoyed on the particular day
2: I will read a comic each day, either a single issue or a collection and will offer my personal opinion.
3: My Random thought for the day

So here goes......

Well today completed my second exam at university which was of course, amazingly fun and suffered a long bus journey home, and these 3 things have got me through this day.

Number one!
My favourite webcomic which I have followed from basically day one, I would recommend reading it from the start to get the idea of everything that as ever happened in the series, as it is 2184 pages long so far.... but I'm sure you can just jump right in (I wont tell on you) created by J.Jacques

Tobuscus strikes again with this amazeballs, random video which at first created a O_o expression but eventually made laugh and will be probably stuck in my head for who knows how long...probably still I fall asleep.        

Tres! I mean Three! 

Just Cause... Belonging to College Humour's "Dorkly", obviously placed there for my amusement :P

Reading Comic Time! 

Slight similarities me thinks.
Why did I set myself the task of reading a comic everyday! Whyyyyyyyyy................... Oh wait cause i'm a Comic Book Nerd or is it Geek?

 My first unofficial review with only my complete opinion is of Johnathon Ross' latest creation "Americas Got Powers" or "AGP" (cause im lazy). Created alongside Bryan Hitch its main plot focuses on America newly created superhero population citizens (race, sub-race?) compete against each other to earn a place on America's superhero team, whilst televised to the public. Creating a reality tv show from the super-powered citizens, cause what use is superheroes if corporations cannot capitalize on it? I really don't think this was Johnathon's hidden agenda, but it did make me question why America was chosen as the first (so far) country to gain super-heroes. Why not us Brits? Appealing to the wider american audience Johnny boy? Or Subliminally implementing your face to the Americans, because i personally think he looks alot like the main character, if he was younger at least.

After reading the first Issue back in April, I did want to read to the next Issue which is out at the end of May. But purely because nothing really happened until the end, I was expecting the revelation to appear at some point, so it makes sense to have it at the end of the first issue. The main character is a slacker who is classed as a unique person, not quite a superhero as he shown no superhuman qualities, but is still labelled which an image of a Star  corresponding with his low levels. Bit of a risky concept but i'm not judging. Anyway... main character is powerless hero, so I  wonder what will happen? doesnt leave much to the imagination, but hopefully the follow up will be fresh and enjoyable. On the 30th of may I believe, so I say have a read, even if its just pure proof that Johnathon Ross has another comic. Yes he has two, good for him!

Random Thought of the Day! RTOTD! (That doesnt work does it?)

My unrelated no reason why this thought appeared in my head thought today is this: Recently watched the 2011 version of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, directed by David Fincher, Starring Daniel Craig and whats her face. Even though i think its basically the same film as the 2009 Original by Niels Arden Oplev... Starring Noomi Rapace and that bloke. Anyway got to thinking about the two female leads playing androgynous cray-cray person Lizbeth Salander. Both actresses had to do some pretty strange things for that role.

Listed in no particular order
1. Get a silly haircut
2. Get pretend tattoos at least one has to be a Dragon
3. Be implied to give a BJ
4. Show their tushies before a unfortunate scene of abuse
5. Be Naked
6. Have pretend sex with male counterparts. Though i think whats her face (Rooney Mara) got the better deal of getting to pretend to               have sex with Daniel Craig
7. Have "oo" in your name. strange coincidence i think :S Noomi and Rooney

After this strong dedication to their roles, you would expect them to become quite famous. I think Noomi has done quite well starring as a gypsy lady with lines! In Sherlock Holmes 2, and is a main character in the highly anticipated "Prometheus" considering I had never heard of her before, she is doing quite well. Which then leads to Rooney Mara, never heard of her. I did a bit of searching, apparently shes in "Youth In Revolt" and "The Social Network" and shes definitely not any of the main characters, which leads me to think she was a random extra or someone who was objectified in some way, as both films involve sexy time. Either way her face doesn't ring any bells apart from that girl from "Dragon Tattoo". 3 years later Noomi has done quite well, it has only been a year for Rooney, so hopefully time will tell on that one.
Also Noomi is a awesome name, not often do you get a backwards "moo" in your name.

And There we have it, back to revision probably. Hope you enjoy this, and if there are grammar and spelling mistakes. Whoops.
   One final picture for you!

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