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Assorted Geekery- Avenging Spider-Man 5

Avenging Spider-Man Issue 5

I fancied re-reading issues 5-7 of marvels “Avenging Spider-Man”, so I thought why not review them as well because this has been a very lazy Saturday, even more so than usual I might add,  so here we go.

The Avenging Spider-Man series premise so far is “Wouldn’t it be cool if Spider-man teamed up with…*insert super-hero*?”. Not much of a story otherwise, of course there is something happening which requires a super-hero team up, but nothing end of the world type of thing.

This issue is no different, it sort of carries on from Issue 4 when Spider-man teamed up with Hawkeye, hence this next picture, which did make me laugh because at least marvel can show that sometimes they are not taking things overly-serious.

It’s Captain America’s turn to be teamed up with spider-man this month but only because Spidey learns that the Cap used to be a bit of a nerd before he took steroids, I mean super-soldier serum. This is also the running theme of the series, as in: let’s look deeper into the characters for example hawk-eye being one of the two avengers who are non-powered so that does cause some psychological bearing on him of being a perfectionist and never missing.

The deeper meaning/question to Captain America is: “what happened to the little kid who turned into captain America?” because anyone who has watched the movie or read some books knows he used to be a frail boy-child, which means he was bullied and so therefore he ‘must’ be a nerd in some way…. All I can say is “Yay for stereotypes”.  But yes he was aspiring comic book artist before he got pumped up on drugs.

So anyway spider-man finally sees some common gound between himself and Cap, so he makes sure he teams up with him in the most shameless fashion, because he even tells the team he is going to, because they are both “nerds” so they can have nerd love or whatever.

So yep, they do the mission, get given some fighting scenes:

But alas, Captain America doesn’t want anything to do with his past because that has gone away obviously, and Spider-Man will not force him to regress basically. Seriously though how could marvel writers expect us to think nothing comes from this prying? Of course the cap sits with spider-man and does some assorted geekery …. ;)

Bless em:

I cant believe this is another comic which makes some sort of Twitter reference, OKAY we get it, TWITTER is taking over, people are hash tagging everything they ever tweet. #wegetit, #calmdown. #lovinglife

Good comic-ish, seems more of a random interlude comic if anything, like something you would expect after world-changing event, not an entire seasons of deep prying into the psyche of ALL the avengers, because there is a lot of them, so it might be a long series.

Probably the only reason you may want to read it is this:

Yup, you see him Punch Hitler, in the face what nostalgia.

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