Sunday, 20 May 2012

Assorted Geekery: Avengers Assemble

Avengers Assemble Issue 1

 You have most likely seen the movie… now there is another comic to go along with it.

So Marvel has created “Avengers Assemble” in Comic Book form which doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the movie (except the name), even though there is a gigantic amount of continuity and even more avengers titles out there, and now there is another one.

At first I thought it would have been a companion to the movie like what happens after or before, whatever, but no its not, it focuses on these guys:

But every other bloody avenger is there including Red Hulk and Spider-Man, only thing that seems to be new is the introduction to the Avengers Tower which was hinted in the movie.

The issue is basically introducing a new threat (because what else would it be?) known as Zodiac who are a team of villains wanting to evil and what not, probably some world domination included, they are named after Zodiac creatures such as Cancer and Taurus, and have powers like this but its not really clear why they have these powers as of yet.

So yep the Avengers are assembling to take care of this new threat, and that’s about it. Seriously that is it. Hulk makes an appearance (The Green one) but he’s randomly in Hulk form rather than Bruce Banner, and he runs into one of the Zodiac members who are stealing unknown stuff, obviously to do with the Zodiac’s Order. Even a guy called General “Whedon” makes an appearance, subtle nod to Joss Whedon the director of the film?

So maybe the other issues are good (there are only 3 so far), but this one was not great, It seemed kind of forced to be honest, art looked fine and what not. Just something doesn’t sit right with me, maybe it’s because calling “Avengers Assemble” makes it a lot less serious, and it appears to sound like what the power rangers would scream before going into some crappy battle.  So cheesy.

Only learnt one thing from reading this comic

Nor do you steal from people! all pictures come from my copy of the issue but all content belongs to marvel and all that jazz.

Other Assorted Geekery

Community Goes 8-Bit

Only just started watching the amazing tv show community but I got through the first 2 seasons in about 3 days (yay procrastination) and its popularity has spawned lots of art and random things, but this is one of my favourites:

If you’ve never watched it, I strongly suggest you do its better than basically every other comedy out there apart from Big Bang Theory of course. It mixes sarcasm with random situations and it’s just genuinely clever. I'll talk about it more another time.

One of the most random things I have ever seen

I suggest you have loud volume for this, it is quiet but amazing.

Not Much To say about this one

Until Next Time.

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