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Assorted Geekery: HARDCORE


Some good news: made it to 1000 views yesterday which was nice, bad news: exams around the corner and feeling ill, L so short review and that’s it for today.

This is one of the new released issues for 2012’s pilot week type thing so I thought I give it ago because the one or two worded “in your face” titles seem to have some worth to them, so HARDCORE joins the ranks of “Forgetless, Hell Yeah and Kick Ass” in short snappy titles.

This one does have an interesting plot though, an assassin known as Drake using other bodies to kill targets that they originally wouldn’t be able to get close to without years of planning; instead they use a device called “Hardcore” which allows a person who looks like this (Drake):

Do this:

So this assassin kills someone in a totally different body, aiming for the quick and clean sort of thing. It reminds me a little of assassin’s creed, but you invade people and completely take over them. So its more like playing a video game with real people.

 They try to add some pseudo-science which is sort of believable, shoot the hardcore chip into back of targets neck so you can invade brain stem and take over. Would have thought the victim would be a bit confused by the whole something just went into back of their neck.

 I also would have thought that would cause a considerable amount of pain if there is like some sort of bondage from within.

But that’s just thinking too much into the detail, must remind ourselves it’s not real. Like the fact it may have been easier to just control the actual target and make them kill themselves or whatever, but I suppose some people are harder to get to than others, although there is no problem with getting people who are close to said target.

In this issue you are introduced to the hardcore program, its user, demonstrations of action sequences, which actually run quite smoothly art wise because usually action sequences can look robotic but this pulls it off quite well I Think:

It also introduces Marcus the antagonist, who is the original creator of hardcore, who was thrown off the program after he made it. As well as Drake having a better physical record than him, because you need to be strong apparently to use the program, and if the physical likeness of the person you’re controlling is the same as you, the easier the process. Obviously…

But yeah, Marcus invades the site location because he’s all jealous and pull of pride etc, what all villains usually have in common, and has left Drake within a body that is meant to kill someone, because in true villain fashion, why take the easy way out and shoot Drake where he stands in that tub you saw earlier.  He even says “don’t plug out, Or I’ll shoot you” basically, not a direct quote…

I dont even think Drake did much wrong, he's basically a grunt? Confused at this prospect
This is Marcus with a really strangely drawn face, he doesnt look like this in other panels, funny how they put effort into drawing the female face 

Oh he also has 72 hours, cause the hardcore chip dissolves after this and if your still in the body by then, bad stuff hits the metaphorical fan I guess.

I may pick up this comic again but it won’t be my first choice, I did enjoy it but it didn’t convey enough in 25 pages to make me want more.

All images belong to creators and what not, but the images stem from my copy of the issue Hardcore.
No other assorted Geekery today because I feel crappy, but there will be more tomorrow.

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