Saturday, 19 May 2012

Assorted Geekery: Will Smith

Assorted Geekery: Will Smith

Seem to have been bombarded by stuff about Will Smith this morning, well last night But I am now only just writing about it, cause I enjoy my sleep more than I enjoy Will Smith. That sounded really dirty, whoops.

Really doubt I need to go into any detail of who Will Smith is, because everyone knows who he is, especially himself. We love him from  “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and other films such as “Men In Black”, but he has been a helluva lot more than this. I like him best mainly due to this "catchphrase" which needs to make a comeback


You know when he says that, shits about to get real. And yes that is him punching an alien, in the face.

So 3 Reasons why Will Smith Invading my thoughts

  • He sung the fresh prince of Bel-air theme tune on the graham Norton show with Gary Barlow as tom jones just sat back in pure confusion. Do I need to say anymore?

  • Don’t kiss him or he wills SLAP YO IN YO FACE! (bitch)

Is it just me or does it look like the "victim" is enjoying that slap a little too much?

I think its alright if you know him and/or married to him and you have that sort of relationship with Will, but if you’re a random person, do not kiss him! He supports gay marriage and what not (good for him I say) that does not mean you kiss him!  Or if your unlucky and there are no cameras around look forward to a “sucker punch” (his words.)

  • He is returning for Men in Black 3

This is old news but it still baffles me, I swear it has been 10 years since he last battled cgi in Men in Black 2, wasn’t a brilliant movie either. So I wonder why there is a sudden new one, and im glad the original cast is basically reappearing, it could have gone either way. I hope it’s good but I may be waiting for the DVD release for this one.

Here is a Trailer if you’ve been under a rock or something.

Overall we need to acknowledge that Will Smith is basically one of those Actors EVERYONE adores for one reason or another, he doesn’t always play the same role and he has a lot of good films under his hilt, and then there is “I am Legend”, but people still love him.

I still think he should run for president, but I digress.

Until next time. Fluff My Llama.

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