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Today I finally got the latest Avengers Vs X-Men issue, so here is my review only two days late or whatever.

Avengers Vs. X-Men Issue 4

All pictures belong to marvel and its creators, pictures used come from my own personal issue.

This issue kicks off after Wolverine is knocked out of the plane screaming “AHHHHH”; I don’t why this still cracks me up though, probably because I’m really immature. At least Wolverine has great survival instincts.

(polar bear)
Yes that is him holding beer whilst simultaneously wearing a polar bears skin, im not surprised he just doesn’t wear one of those stickers saying “Hello, My name is: Bad-Ass”, probably because he’s too bad-ass for that kind of tomfoolery.

BTW he’s holding beer because Hope the little phoenix host left them to lead wolverine to her; I must say this is great planning skills from the writers of this comic, I salute you. Hope mission is to basically get into space to accept the phoenix, or whatever the hell she is meant to do and reignite the mutant race.  Scouts 

However this is the first time you hear of Hope willingly want to do this, before she didn’t seem bothered just like “wtf, why is the phoenix chosen me?”, meaning this doesn’t make sense why she RAN AWAY from the X-Men who had the EXACT same plan. I mean seriously? Did something happen?

Meanwhile some other basically meaningless stuff happens, the Avengers and X-Men are still continuing to look for Hope throughout the far corners of the earth, but ironically only where other mutants and avengers do their dialy business like Latveria or Wakanda. Because I’m sure if I was on the run I would run to the places where most of my kind LIVE…. Blargh!

Thor also tries to take on the Pheonix:

Tony Stark makes up some bogus theory why the Pheonix is so powerful, turns out it was born during the big bang or something ridiculous, so to kill it you need a even more ridiculous sounding weapon, that basically cracks universe expansion?  I mean WHAT surely that is not a good thing to make!   Yeah and then the avengers and x-men have random little battles throughout the place, just because they have separate causes, the thing actually says: “I don’t even care whats going on, I just like punching you in the face” GREAT LOYALTY THERE amiright….

So all these punch outs happen, would like to know why these specific people are fighting, some are obviously from older rivalries, gah this comic is just an excuse for superheroes to beat up superheroes but not in a smart or clever way. At least in “Civil War” it made sense.

BAH! The comic ends with a standoff on the “Blue side of the moon” because apparently that’s the best place for Hope to take on the phoenix, but obviously the X-Men and Avengers figure out she goes there. But they only send 6 on each side for some unknown reason. The earlier picture of spider-man and daredevil beating up Juggernaut now doesn’t make sense, because HE IS NOW IN SPACE.  Maybe next time they should just send them all there because that would make more sense than this.

After Reading this comic and realising I have to wait 3 more weeks to see if it redeems itself, I felt like this.

Assorted Geekery

So my little ranting review of X-Men Vs. Avengers I just want randomly scrounging the internet for something cool to look at, or to learn something, but mainly to look at stuff. But I learnt some stuff today
Number 1: 8 Actors you wont believe voiced famous cartoon characters

Found this random article at: I actually found it quite interesting learning about the most random people playing even randomer characters, honestly this really speaks for it self but I wanted to talk about it a little.
4 Points

·        How the hell did FERGIE play a character in Charlie Brown’s Peanuts, that it is such a randomer carreer move when you’re a child, I understood the old Disney channel show where Justin timberlake and Britney Spears started. But Peanuts?! Woah, mind is blown.

·        Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, was also SHREDDER in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the “heroes in a half-shell” (or is it turtle-shell) series, again really really random, I rememeber him as the loveable chunky uncle Phil, not Shredder the mega-git.

·        Vin Diesel was the Iron Giant. First off I don’t even remember that thing talk, let alone realise it was Vin Diesel, not quite that strong badass you try to be are you Vinnie? You were in a kid’s film, muhahahah.

·        I would love these parts on my CV, “Oh so you were Shredder in Teenage mutant ninja turtles? You’re hired!

    Random Critical Analysis Of Star Trek

To be honest I don’t really like Star Trek that much but this short video intrigued me, I used to Film and Media studies that would pick apart Film and Televison and apply certain theories such as postmodernism and what not. However we also did star trek once saying how it was all racial harmony and what not. Not saying it isn’t! Because it is, but also this video mentions themes of dystopia and what not which tickled my intrigue center, so give it a look. Here:
Cant get video link so here's  a picture!

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