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Iron Man Assorted Geekery

Still haven’t got around to buying to purchasing X-Men Vs. Avengers (Whoops), but today I thought I do things a little different. I’m Sort of combing the comic review with the assorted geekery for one reason:

IRON MAN! (Iron Man 3 news)

Not too sure how to go about this so I will start with the comic review.


Iron Man Extremis, was created by Warren Ellis and Adi Granov. This is a special Arc which records one of Tony Stark’s evolutions as Iron Man, as the man in the suit persona changes because much like technology, it will always improve and get better
This rings true with Iron Man, even though since this issue he has gone through more changes, but it links in with my Iron Man special so bear with me.

The basic premise of this story is that a new villain, which was created through a project known only as “Extremis” which was recently stolen. Unfortunately Tony himself cannot handle this villain, so he has to go through a change, and ultimately adapt to become a better stronger hero.
However the villain isn’t real given much detail except for that he’s a terrorist and what not, and he’s been super-powered by extremis. Okay, “Extremis” is another rendition of Captain-America’s super-soldier program, throwing big words at readers like “Bio-organics” which basically change the user after a cocoon like experience which basically upgrades the subject from the inside, causing things like… 

being bullet proof (and super strength):

Breathing Fire

Electric Hands!

I sort of see as if a the Iron Man suit was disguised by a human suit, almost like a cyborg, but still remaining human, just a different “human blueprint”, Im sorry if it sounds overly-complicated. So basically: Take serum cause cocoon resulting in  becoming super-human, with dragon breath and electric stuff.  Capable of beating the crap out of Iron Man.

Wish I could tell my body to do that… but I digress.

You probabaly guessing what happens now, Tony has to take the extremis solution (and improve it), so he can become more “man in suit” to “Superhero”, almost like if Batman decided he wanted be Superman… but with science.

Tony also becomes more like a internet connection as well, he can now access satalies and ring people! With his brain! This is impressive I guess, but at least when he combines with the suit he becomes extra bad-ass than normal. “Iron-man on the inside, and outside” puts it in perspective. Oh and he can put on the suit with his mind, as long as he’s near it I guess? Or maybe he just says something like “accio iron-main suit” why did I just use a harry potter reference….lame.

Overall it is a good story which allows Iron Man to develop and become a bad-ass (even more so), only problem is the art. Everything looks like  a photo that has been coloured in… which made it abit hard to read, and nothing happened for like the first half! Blargh.

Iron Man Assorted Geekery

Ok so you’ve read my review and break down of Extremis, and this all possibly links to the new Iron Man 3 movie which has got me pretty excited though we all have to wait AGES for the film to come out.

It has been released that Eric Savin will be joining the iron man films, played by a guy called “James Badge Dale”… I don’t know who this actor is either, but apparently he has graced our screens with “Shame”, and “the Departed”, its weird I’ve seen “The Departed” but I do not remember this guys face at all. He also has television roles in CSI and 24, but I don’t watch that type of show except for Castle (wooo Nathan Fillon). Anyway this guy:

Who’s alter ego in the Comics is ColdBlood, erm this guy:

Its weird because this isn’t the guy in extremis, but apparently the film is based heavily on the “extremis” stories, rather than wherever coldblood is from, all I know is that the character “Eric Savin” was in charge of “Project Ultra” some sort of cybernetics type thing before he lost his leg in a landmine. Then went evil after going cyborg, I may need to read up on this.

I basically think this character will be replacing the villain in “Extremis” for the Iron Man 3 spectacular, because Iron man being beaten up by a super bio-enhanced character is more believable than Iron Man not being able to beat up a half cyborg-half man. This also allows the super-serum to get another mention which is semi-believable in film universe.

So let’s see what happens next year! But if what I said happens…

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