Thursday, 17 May 2012

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Still really haven’t got much to do today except for revise or watch tv, so I decided to check out a new comic and talk about it a little bit. So I present:

Fanboys Vs Zombies Issue 1

As far as I know there are only two issues of this so far but I only have issue one so meh.  It is created by Sam Humphries and Jerry Gaylord (…) any pictures used  from  the comic come from my own issue but all content belongs to them and what not, at Boom! Studios (

The story so far is about San Diego’s comic-con being overrun by zombies, where a quirky group of semi-adults otherwise known as the “Wreck For Life crew” or “Wrek 4 Lyfe” something that looks ridiculous try to survive this outbreak. So its abit like “Night Of The Living Trekkies” but in comic book form.

There isn’t much story or backstory yet but you get some zombie death so yay! The wreck crew used to be great friends who visited comic con every year but it looks like some bad things happened, unsurprisingly it was due to romance between 3 of the characters. I’m not actually sure who the main character is supposed to be but the first person you see is called “Rob” so it might possibly be him.

This book may being trying to symbolise what everyone thinks when they are into super-heroes and what not, but have also happened to see at least one Zombie movie, and that thought is “I could survive that” because somehow having knowledge through entertainment mediums will help you survive an actual apocalypse. 

So basically it is a gate way to for audiences to relieve their 
fantasies such as using swords or whatever else you would expect at a comic book convention, and maybe some props for series that involve big weapons i.e. Final Fantasy, or something that wouldn’t be found in a less geeky culture... against zombies. Such long-winded sentences...

Seeing as this was just the introduction we don’t really know what to expect, apart from nearly all the characters are quirky and sort of headstrong so ridiculousness and hijinks will happen. This will also possibly be filled with zombie culture references, like one character places some sort of box over a zombie “Dead Rising” style.

Basically I think when you read this, just have fun with it, get  a few cheap laughs, look at the pretty art and possible character development. Whilst getting constant nods to the type of reader by declaring Comic Con as “Prom for Geeks” which I actually do like the sound of. And yes I do love the art in this, it’s definitely my sort of preference in style, I may look into more stuff from BOOM cause of this.

One last thing : this Comic has taught me one thing: do not eat food that you get from comic con

Assorted Geekery
Arrow, the new TV Series

After Smallville ended I knew there was going to be some sort of new tv show based on a comic book, REALLY didn’t think it would be the green arrow, but apparently it is. Not even the same Green arrow that was in Smallville.

No idea how this will play to the original content, probably not very, let’s just hope it’s acceptable. I always saw Green Arrow as a sidekick anyway, not an actual super-hero. He’s basically Hawkeye in Avengers, but I wonder if the TV show will include the famous trick arrows such as: and arrow attached to a boxing glove…

Really hope this isn’t going to be like Robin Hood type thing…snooze.

No idea what to expect may give it a shot, who knows.

Next a Short Video

“Disney Channels Kingdom of Hearts”

Basically it’s a reimagining of what could happen if Kingdom hearts game travelled around in the more recent Disney years, we haven’t been given many brilliant films or worlds, if you take in Kingdom Hearts perspective, might get away with Tangled and Princess and the Frog. But the stuff the Television Channel puts on should never be put in this game! Maybe that’s why the 3rd one hasn’t came out yet, is it possible Disney is demanding Hannah Montanna to appear in the games?

This should never happen! No Disney Tv Shows!

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