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KyleFiction Comic Review: Nancy In Hell #2

So I though “hey, why not continue reading Nancy In Hell”, I have a habit of if I start something, I finish it regardless. So here is my review of Nancy in hell issue 2.

This issue creates background around the character of Lucifer, to answer such questions as why he doesn’t have horns and look like everything else that’s in this book (that isn’t human). I honestly don’t think readers would have had many questions, but they were answered.

Lucifer is still seen as the creator of hell, but it was more vicarious than on purpose. It puts a theological twist on the big bang theory, such as describing that at first there was only darkness and it was “Happy” so its seen as entity again, (much like hell is). However “God” a unknown entity came and declared “let there be light”.

As you can see this god follows the stereotype, gigantic omnipotent figure with white hair and a beard… Whilst god created matter and what not, he created his first first-borns, i.e. the Angels. However at the same time, the original darkness was forced into a corner to run away from this new found light, so the darkness is sad (L). Earth and everything was ok for a while until God decided to create Humans with free will, which angered God because Lucifer felt every creation should be equal. Big mistake to question Gods will (apparently).

God casts out Lucifer, there is some sort of mention of war, but it seemed an excuse to show boobage of the female angels. Lucifer is then filled with such guilt the darkness feeds of this and creates hell so it can feed on my souls, essentially becoming a living organism that is never fully satisfied.

So after Lucifer has his weird emo fit, Nancy and Lucifer continue their journey to escape hell.  Unfortunately the darkness doesn’t like this so much like a human body it adapts itself and creates “anti-bodies” to kill nancy and retrieve Lucifer, because he is needed to keep hell running. These “anti-bodies” take shape in demons, such as Mr. Macabre who is actually called Pytho who in his true from looks like the “Cthulu”
This Thing:

However Mr. Macabre has no intention of retrieving Lucifer and Nancy, so a another character “Cheitan” takes the helm in a confrontation with Lucifer and Nancy. But before this you learn more about Nancy, never would have guessed she was a cheerleader….

As the Image shows, she knows she is not a nice person, but she had friends and what not. So you can begin to feel bad for her, as you know her friends are dead, but you see her friends this time, one of which was her boyfriend, which was sort of easy to guess. You also see the person who murdererd Nancy, who actually appears to have more to do with the plot than just simply sending her to hell, meaning he has reasons which are unknown as of yet.

The friends make a reappearance, which explains the backstory… 

captain-obvious much? To trap Nancy, this is where “Cheitan” makes his appearance, and so ends Issue 2.

This issue does have some Solid-ish story, with some pretty aesthetically pleasing art. But nevertheless there is still all the unneeded sex appeal, I understand that Nancy is a strong wilful character, but she doesn’t have to have NO CLOTHES to portray this, im pretty sure she lost her boob-tube this time, so she runs around in a Bra and Short shorts with a chainsaw strapped to her. GAH! COMICS WHY YOU SO WEIRD?.

Assorted Geekery Time!

Avengers Assemble together 1 Billion dollars for damages to new York.

Thought I just write about the Avengers today as the latest version of Avengers vs. Xmen has been released (which I will review at some point when I go and buy it) and The “Avengers Assemble” movie reached its $1 Billion aims after just 19 days, who knows what the actual grossing will be but this is very impressive.

For those who have not seen the movie, go see it! You don’t really need any background knowledge, except for maybe watching the previous movies such as Iron Man and Thor.  This link, shows Stan “The Man” Lee revelling in its success. I found it quite odd that he hasn’t really made that much money of them considering he created them, but at least he gets cameos which he thoroughly enjoys.

I do think that the recent success of Avengers will spawn more Marvel films, but lets hope they adhere to a good standard please! No more Ghost Riders…

Baby Avengers

Recently uploads of Avengers in either Chibi or Baby forms are appearing if you look in the right places, the avengers were already pretty awesome but combining that with chibi makes them so darn cute!
Example Here:

But many more can be found just by simply typing in “Baby Avengers”

Read up on Epic Storylines with the avengers

As you may know the avengers have been around since the 70’s so there is a lot of content to get through, this may sounds like an impossible task but have put together an extensive list which should make things easier to get the core storylines and keep up with the continuity of the Avengers Universe, although not too sure how Avengers Vs. Xmen will effect this.

 Some part of me would like to see some deaths to shake things up, but another part realises that everything will most likely go back to normal after this cross over event. Hopefully not because of some time-travel thingy, because that is lame. 

Until Next Time, Fluff My Llama

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