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Comic Review: Nancy In Hell Issue 1

All Images used belong to Image Comics, copied from own copy of issue

Created by El Torre and Juan Jose Ryp

The saga of Hell Yeah, is now over. This next comic was recommended to me by something or someone… maybe Amazon because after reading this I realised I most likely wasn’t told to read this by a person. This is a strange comic so far and definitely made for adults!

It follows a young-ish woman called Nancy (duh) who recently passed away in the most unfortunate outfit of short shorts and torn boob tube like piece of cloth, but at least she kept her bra on. Good for her. She at first refers to her death was much like a plot to a 80’s horror movie, where teens get killed off, but the sexy big breasted girl kills the psycho and lives, but in this version she got to the end and died.

This is a useable version of her I could find without any trashy sex appeal.

I instantly thought this “Doesn’t the big breasted, slutty girl…erm..Die first?”, because she looks exactly like that sort of character who is there for eye candy and untimely death. She interestingly doesn’t refer to self as a slut, so you get a possible insight into her character, maybe doesn’t accept herself or whatever. Either way she’s a fouled mouth violent barely clothed lady…in hell. Oh, and the first image of her is of what can only be called a close-up of her crotch as she drinks whiskey. So right now she sounds (and looks) more porn-star than horror-star

This is a 4 part series so not a lot happened in this issue, just the introduction of some characters and of hell, the first demon type creature you see are two female with red skin, wearing hardly any clothes.
*Side note* I Constantly thought to myself, “what have I gotten myself into with this”

At least they instantly wanted to kill Nancy, not… you get the idea. The choice of words in this scene was odd, the ironic gangster type saying “God knows to stay out of our house”. pfft classic lines. And one of the demons saying “Kiss her, Eat her” whilst her face was next to Nancy’s crotch. I mean try to be subtle at least? Dirty buggers.

She is saved at least, and brought back to a sort of reimagining of the strip club in “Total Recall”, because when you’re damned you have nothing better to do but dance on tables almost nude. At least we know why they’re in hell.  She is then giving some twisted philosophy, from a character called the “Philosopher”.

There are some interesting ideas such as Hell is a living entity, with possible hints of psychological projection creating the hellish place, which ultimately assimilates with everything that comes into contact with it, “Akira” style.  They also describe hell as freedom because of abolishment of every law ever existed so they can still have a good time before they die… again.

Nancy herself describes this sort of decadence as “Eternity in a heavy metal video” which is kind of profound if a half-naked bum wasn’t next to her face. The Fun and games doesn’t last long  though when “hell hounds” come into play, so Nancy can demonstrate she is such a badass with a chainsaw she just randomly creates, I think it’s with her mind because there is nothing on her clothing that could fit that.

Hell-Hounds are quite well designed, not exactly original but good cannon fodder for our slightly dressed heroine. Also allows the introduction of possibly antagonist “Mr Macabre” with his very original name. I think he is some kind of Human Hunter, for whatever reason, will have to continue reading.
But he at least looks evil:

Nancy escape not being seen by Mr Macabre, but falls into a pit of brain-dead (zombies), who want nothing more than to munch on her because they are at the end of their assimilation process. But alas she is saved by mysterious helper who looks slightly like Jesus, who is actually Lucifer. However before she is saved by him, you have to endure representations of Demon Orgies, whilst a narrator (Lucifer) judges them all, and possibly the reader for reading! Shame on you!

Lucifer is most likely the guide type character, or romance, to help Nancy on some sort of redemption maybe… but one thing is clear: they plan to escape hell.

I did enjoy the writing in this story, not to sure of the highly sexualisation of women though. Its Comics like this that give comics a bad name! There is a real need to stop misrepresenting women in these type of books, it probably gains them horny teenage viewer, but that shouldn’t make you throw away your dignity, unless the creators are pervs of course.

Not too sure whether or not to carry on with this series because it’s really hard to find pictures that are suitable! Oh well! Till next time… fluff my llama?
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