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KyleFictions Comic Review and Other Things: Day 3

So day three of my bloggy blog, even doing it on weekends, aren’t I dedicated?! So here are my top 3 things of the day!

One! Tim Burton strikes again with Dark Shadows

Look hes doing a "ONE", or calling someone a loser... picture from

For weeks adverts have littered the ol’ tele box oh Johnny Depp saying “they tried to stone me once” and a posh way of saying “kiss my bum, repeatedly”. The advert for said film: Dark Shadows has released, not watched it yet but I plan to, because it’s a Tim Burton film, and Eva Green is in it, and it looks a bit more grown up than his recent films. Really hoping he makes up for Alice In Wonderland (Sorry Tim).
The reason why its on my list today is that I have always liked Tim Burton films, I have a preference for “Mars Attacks”, but I like them all, he puts a great twist on the usual expectations of film, even messing with fairy tales here and there, putting on a good show I think. The release of Dark Shadows got me thinking of an article published by SFX on how to make a Tim Burton in 7 steps which I re-read for a giggle. Don’t think you can find it on the SFX website, but that’s what you getting for not reading a good magazine! Shame on you!

Number Two! Least I Could Do, daily webcomic

This needs mentioning today as it is the only web comic I read that bothers to publish on Saturday and Sunday, this is one of my top two webcomics that I been reading for even longer than GWS (Girls With Slingshots, see previous blog), and will always make it laugh with its stupidity, ridiculousness and sex jokes. Epic examples being “The Doctor said I have herpes, is this new?” Or something like that, either way it was post-coitus so it has amazing timing.
The creators Ryan Sohmer and Lar Desouza, are obviously into their pop culture, and all things geek, such as transformers, lord of the rings, and even more recently HBO’s Game Of Thrones, which they dedicated a few days to parodying it, because how could they resist with all the sexy time and sword play. Don’t know whether to call it an acquired taste but I always enjoy it because I’m basically immature, but give it a go!.
All strips can be found at

Three! Friends!

Today is a old friends birthday, he is becoming 20 soon, but I have known him since 13 I think? Damn I am old. Really old. Anywho, we are off to the pub for some drinks and a catch up, but mainly drinks, lots of them. Hoping for the good times! Another short section, but its just a generally “shout out” (Yes I am that lame), to friends and the whole concept of friends. Yay for support groups!

Comic Review: Avengers VS. X-Men Issue 3

This marvel comics’ event was well awaited since the concept was first announced. We always see the heroes fight the villain, and ultimately win (most of the time), but we hardly ever see hero pitted against another hero as whatever the outcome would have a lasting effect on either side. Comrades must fight each other as their allegiance lies to different causes, and both are right and not necessarily evil, especially when compared to Heroes and Villains fighting each other as their causes great contrast, the whole good vs evil stereotype echoes, but this echo cannot not be seen in the pages of issue 3 of the supposed 12 issue event.

This split between causes it due to the “Phoenix”, a massive fiery force of destruction capable of destroying, planets is making its merry old way to earth, and it has chosen its new host, for this epic blowy uppy planets extravaganza: the “mutant messiah” Hope. The previous host (for those who don’t know) was  the mutant and X-Men member, before a crap load of mess happened causing schisms EVERYWHERE: Jean Grey/Summers, an incredibly powerful telepath who was taken over by phoenix, causing her to eventually sacrifice to self to divert the phoenix power, away from earth. But it was not destroyed. Whilst Hope remains the conduit, the X-Men and Avengers have conflicting ideas of what should be done with her.
 The X-Men led by Scott Summers a.k.a Cyclops (the one with the pew-pew face), who was Jean Grey’s husband, has not been led astray by the fact the phoenix killed his bloody wife! And Thinks the phoenix can be used a force of rebirth to increase the dwindling numbers of mutants in existence. Whereas the Avengers led by Captain America (Cap), sees the phoenix as destructive power and must be contained, and then there is wolverine who thinks both are wrong. What a  Rebel.

Anyway, this issue sees the after math of the battle royale between the X-Men and Avengers, during which Hope buggared off after an impressive display of power, due to the phoenix, severely burning Wolverine, even thought it was more like barbequed to be fair. It’s a good job he can regenerate. Just mentioning even though the world’s greatest heroes are pitted against each other, nobody has died, just some bad boo-boos I think. Considering it was the after math, not a lot really happened, like at all, some talks, X-men escaped to search for hope.  The best thing that happened was a quick fisticuffs between the Cap and Wolverine, resulting in wolvering being shot out of airlock into some snow, I genuinely laughed at this bit, seeing wolvering going “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH”, pure genius.
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Overall, the comic was alright, this series will be so much better when its put into its entire collection where I don’t have to wait two weeks for each issue at about £3.00 ago, bloody money making bastards! I have high expectations of this comic and I hope it will live up to them, but I’m hooked enough to keep buying them so well done Marvel. 

Thought of the day time!

To be honest I’ve only been awake like 4 hours, so I haven’t really pondered into the workings of the universe. So here’s a picture of a llama.


Suppose I could talk a little bit about being a student, why is there a stereotype of us being heavy drinkers and fornicators? Sometimes it feels like we are forced to drink because it is expected of us, not because we actually want to. Well that’s a lie we do want to most of the time, but how can they label us this way when our courses are so expensive, our living is so expensive, DRINKS ARE EXPENSIVE! My food shopping consists of Iceland and M’savers from Morrisons. So Government and Media outlets, if you want to label us as heavy drinkers and further enforce this stereotype make drinks cheaper? Or don’t pigeon-hole into alcoholics. There is more to being a student then drinking (though some don’t think so) but I’ll go into that another time.

Bye bye and happy reading :D

Look another Llama!


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    1. Thanks Kim :D Llama was a random thing, but he may return in the near future


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