Sunday, 13 May 2012

KyleFictions Super Comic Review and Stuff!


Decided to mix things up a little bit today, Im starting with the Comic review first and I probably will be doing this from now on.

Comic Review Of The Day: Hell Yeah Issue 1
It’s back to Image this time with this new comic otherwise known as “Hell Yeah”, created by these people Keatinge and Szymanowicz. For the life of me I could not find their first names in the actual comic! I’m not that sure how you’re meant to pronounce this comic do you scream “HELL YEAH” or is it more “Hellll YEaaaaahhhhhhhh”, either choice would be a good thing to hear after every turn of the page. Sadly…you do not
 Hell Yeah is about an Alternate or current reality that came into contact with superheroes 20 years ago (during the gulf war), which caused an epic social change, and apparently an genetic change. Because people were now born with powers which usually emerged in puberty, like teenagers didn’t have enough problems, especially ones with super strength. (Did I just make a masturbation joke?) Its not sure what reality this is supposed to be as it’s known as “super-earth” but Jonathon Ross is still on the tele box.

Its main character Benjamin Day: the offspring of a non powered marine and super-powered lady, his daddy was also the first human to come into contact with a unit of superheroes because they  saved him. Apparently the first act of heroism was a bunch of American looking people (in spandex) killing some people in the gulf war, to rescue the aforementioned father. This was a particulary odd scene, it had a random bit of violence consisting of an exploding head with no real cause. And the blatant religious reference where the super hero reaches for Ben’s dad in a incredibly likeness to Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Hands of God and Adam” 

This thing! Taken from

Benjamin is basically a troubled youth, though I’m not really sure what age he is supposed to be, past 18 maybe. He dresses and acts like a punk, even though he goes to school for superheroes which also happen to be really really smart, so he hasn’t got it that bad really. So far he has no super-powers apart from being “kind of strong and kind of tough”, this demonstration of power was collaborated with an ironic “ka-pow”, though the line was “ka-pow asshole” so it’s a subtle nod to old comics added with what might be said in real life, much like Kick Ass One and Two.
Not much is really revealed in the first issue, just that Ben wants nothing to do with this “super-earth crap”, this is reffering to the cataclysmic social change that superheroes brought, helping third world countries, new technology and what have you. But a reporter seemed more interested in the collapse of cinema and sports industry. Which I found quite weird, but I guess it is a valid point that real superheroes would cause this, cause why watch the upcoming olmypics when a person could run around the earth in less time it took to tie your shoes. The other issues bring in more plot, but ill review them when I feel like it.
The comic was fine, the cover art confused, as you could plainly see he has a sword and mask, sort of giving the impression that this character is a hero, but no! You see none of this, I feel tricked and lied to, which I don’t like *sob sob*. Only major problem is the art, it has its moments but sometimes the characters looks like there is something seriously wrong with them! Like really wrong, here is an example:
Taken from my Copy of the Issue but content belongs to publishers at Image Comics and what not
 Ok this may have been a joke from the actual character because he would probably do this for an official photo, but it happens again!
Taken from my Copy of the Issue but content belongs to publishers at Image Comics and what not
And it happens a lot with more than one character, WHAT IS THIS FACE?
Nevermind! Not as good as the other comics I have read but meh. Already have the other two issues that are out, so I’ll give it another chance.

Argh I’m feeling a bit ill today folks, “uber sad face”, exams looming round the corner, but ive still managed to find 3 things that I like today!

Number One! What Spider man would really dream about if he was a teenager (and real)

I appear to be sticking (that’s a pun when you see the comic) to my immature streak again today by this delightfully wacky one page comic which has tickled the little bit inside me that makes me laugh. I discovered this whilst scouring through “Dorkly”, an offshoot of “CollegeHumour” my normal hub for geeky things, and I thought why not share this with whoever reads this (thanks mum! That’s a joke, my mum doesn’t read this… L).

The premise is so simple I don’t really want to explain it to you so have a look! You can find more work of this artist via

The Second thing I like: Zero Punctuation, a.k.a Yahtzee, a.k.a fast talking Australian man!

There are just too many good videos to choose from so I am not going to post any up, instead have a gander at his videos and the site it belongs to “escapistmagazine” via

TO describe this series of video Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw mercilessly picks apart games, basically finding everything wrong them and hardly anything right, I think there has only been two where has actually liked the game he plays. Thinking about it he really is a cranky old man considering he’s PAID to play a new video game each week. Wonder if he wants to swap? Anyway this motor mouth game critic is sure to make you laugh and probably hate your favourite video game, so be warned! Or better yet turn off the sound so you can see some impressive doodling involving tiny little imps! Because you realise it is a good way to spend your time… honest.

Pew! Pew! PEW! Its Number 3, MMO Realm Of The Mad God

This is a cute little browser game, forward slash free “Steam” game which allows you to control a tiny little sprite with various powers depending on the class you pick. These vary from Wizard, Paladin, Archer basically what you would normally expect from a MMO (Massive Multi Player Online, don’t get stress that there isn’t a P in the abbreviation, gawd!)

The game is simple, run around blasting evil creatures with your little character until you find yourself on the highway to hell, but be careful, once you die…you start again from level 1. So don’t die mmm’kay?
However don’t go expecting too much from this game you can only reach level 20, and it isn’t like other MMO where you can make friends and have guild mates or whatever you expect! I remember seeing a conversation on it

·        “Hey *random character name that was so obscure i can’t remember*”
·        “Umm Hey, *another name that was so obscure I cant remember”
·        “Don’t you remember me? We killed that Lord of the Lost Lands”
·        “Oh! Er No…”
·        “Okay then”
·        *another name that was so obscure I cant remember* logs off.

That’s really got to burn, cyber rejection, ouch. Well if your looking for something that requires mindless shooting whilst you say “pew pew” (but they just be me) and at the same time a way to destroy your productivity, this is the  game for you! Surprisingly to play the browser version of the game  just type in

Thought the day: Clubs

Out and about in my home town yesterday for my friends birthday, got me thinking about clubs and what not. They suck. They really really do. I used to find them bearable but now I’m like “eurgh I wanna go home”, the only times I can really bare them is when I have had lots to drink. Maybe I’m just getting old: pah!
Starting to think my brain is just making me stupidly introverted and my brain follows Eysencks theory of personality where introverted brains become over-aroused stupidly easy, which makes things so much fun! THANKS BRAIN. I think maybe I could do it in when had lots to drink because my brain slows down, or maybe im just a prude of some sort :D but seriously WHY YOU SO LOUD!
Couldn’t really put much thought into the thought of the day because Exams are literally tomorrow! So “k thanx bye!” and good luck to anyone else who has exams tomorrow! Yay!
There are no Llamas today. They are sleeping
HELLLL YEAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! (I hate myself) 
(I really dont)


let me know what you think :)