Monday, 14 May 2012

Stuff KyleFiction Likes!

Starting to think having a comic review and stuff I like and random thought of the day, is way to much information to read in one post. Even saying it out loud sounds long! So now I’m separating the review and stuff I like. Possibly getting rid of random thought of the day, unless its really random or I feel extra passionate about it. Comment if you think this is a good idea.

3 hours have passed since my 3rd exam (of 7) so I need to find ……….


Number One: Memories of simpler times with a Gameboy Colour Emulator

I think this has been around a long time, but ive only just found it… please don’t judge. Play your old favourite games from a time when the DS or Gameboy advance did not exist. The emulator has such classics as “Super Mario Land”, all the versions of Pokemon (for the Gameboy Colour) and many more.

I honestly think my productivity is going to be decreased whilst my procrastination will be increased tenfold. Damn you sir! I can only see one problem, which is: the screen is a little bit small, but further thought made me realise that the original Gameboy colour was probably just the same, I just couldn’t tell because it was pressed against my face as I screamed “YES SUPER-EFFECTIVE!!!”.

Because that’s what I was like when I was younger, problem? Enjoy this little gem at

Number Two: Instead of counting sheep, put them to sleep! (with tranquilizers you monster!)

Finding this little game is just proof of what you can discover when you are bored enough and look hard enough. I honestly no idea how I stumbled upon this, but it’s awesome for a quick 2 minutes bit of enjoyment, or even longer if you decide you are have the reactions of a dead snail.

Basically you watch the sheep to make sure they don’t run away from their flock, so basically you deprive them of their sweet freedom. Instead of building a fence or something practical you stand guard (metaphorically) with tranquilizers at hand to shoot any rebel sheep. This happens 5 times and afterwards it measures your reaction times, on my first go I got rated as a “bobbing bobcat” (yay for being average!), I did fancy trying again but then I realised it was petty of me to try and get the “Turbo-Charged Cheetah” ranking. 

So go and waste a few minutes and take revenge on these wiley sheep whilst your meant to be doing work or something at 

Show them the price they will pay for disobedience! O_o

Number 3: The most amazing coaster you will ever see!

Did some scouring on Ebay this time, for no real reason but meh. And I came across this:

This is pure genius, I actually want this coaster, If I ever buy one I will it on this blog! Look at it! I know the whole “keep calm and…” is getting really old, but its just simply amazing! It also gets extra points for being a Big Bang Theory reference, and a object which my mug of tea can sit on, the way I See its Win/Win all the way. And its only £1.50 so I’m so tempted! ARghghghgh!

I think you have 8 days from the time I posted this blog till its goes away forever, and there are only 10 in stock, but im sure you can find more (I hope) only thing left to question is

Final Note

No random thoughts today, brain has already blown up from exams, so have fun untill tomorrow when i find more stuff!
The actual reason i have no random thoughts is because I will be doing this for the rest of the day:
nom nom.

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