Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Good Things come in threes, so here is Hell Yeah Issue 3
But First.

I KNEW IT! I knew there would be MORE inter dimensional stuff with MORE Benjamin Days! I KNEW IT! I said it in the last post, and it appears in the third issue! WHY WHY WHY WHY.

On that note: Here is the review for HELL YEAH #3

Belongs to Image Comics and What not, not me!
So the front cover has an oldish man on it, that’s nice. I think he’s trying to look cool, but fails. To be honest when I first saw the character in the comic (his first appearance is this issue), I thought he was a  cross between Commisoner James Gordon (From Batman, for those who haven’t seen the movie, I mean comic.) and a paedophile. This character adheres to one of those unfortunate stereotypes, where you see someone looking like that, on the internet or elsewhere and think “yep, that’s a paedophile”. Not the distinguished battle-hardenered veteran of some random police force.
Robocop! (Belongs to Image Comics, from my issue)

So the issue starts from the explosion of the university again but this time through the eyes of the Robocop cosplayers, who use a special device to determine there is a residue of alternate-earth, oh right so this is apparently a normal thing, and highly illegal, there is even something called the “kingdoms act” which is around which no-one bothers to discuss what the hell it actually is.

So anyway the Robocop Cosplayers are now out of their jurisdiction because of alternate-reality mumbo jumbo, so Commissioner Paedophile look-alike has to investigate because the Robocops turn to him in a time of need, but he was already THERE, so it was like he knew he was needed. That’s just too bogus for irony or coincidence.

At the same time we learn how the trio of heroines (Val,Jess, Die!Die!Die!) made their merry own way to the earth the book is set in, you may ask how did they do this, just with a giant really obviously space-ship type vehicle. Which, by the way is nowhere to be seen in the books until now, maybe they just left it at the university, for cheaper parking or something. Whats even more amazing is that they were so able to FLY this inter-dimensional transporter type thing, to different realities trying to find a Ben, this trio is first seen as being part of a band. What bands do you know that could pull of something like that?!

What’s even more ridiculous is the random realities you are seen, “oh we’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for an alive ben”, it literally shows you 2 different realities, one steam-punkish type world, and a caveman one, where “Die!Die!Die!” kicked two dinosaurs… in the head. Honestly it’s not as awesome as it sounds.

The story jumps backwards and forth to the university and Benjamin Day sections, but this time at the university, FIVE Benjamin Day variations (including one female, lady deadpool style), who are hilariously all killed except for one who teleports, and the lady Ben. 

But not before one of the Ben's shows off his freaky face
belongs to Image, woooo
OH! and  the Robocop cosplayers have death rays too.  The Commisoner Paedophile person even displays his obvious strengths, you don’t make a character look like the way he does, unless they have something hidden up their sleeves, that being punching jaws of people.
Image comics belong to it does.
He even has the ability to change the colour of his moustache
From this! (image comics)
TO THIS(Image comis)

Later on in the comic, Lady Ben is being interrogated to why she has been super illegal, and reveals our not-really mentioned main character is: the epicentre of some unknown catastrophic reality-shattering event (say that 5 times fast) and must die! *cue dramatic music*, then it just ends, with promises of a sword fight between lady ben and ben-ben. This is not out till June.

So the issues so far have been read and reviewed, alas I have a month to read something else every day, that is hopefully much better than Hell yeah is shaping up to be. On a final note:

Until next time. Fluff my llama. 

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