Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I have decided that as I have so much spare time today I will blog my merry little heart out. I do have more exams tomorrow… but I have HOURS before that happens so why not procrastinate and talk about it.
Todays top 3 things, is a little different even though there may be more because I haven’t got anything to except for revise and eat at some point. Instead of my TOP 3 Things, I present..


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Big Thing- Felicia Day and Yarn/Knitting

Finally got around to watching Felicia Day’s “FLOG” today, (even though it came out yesterday), it’s essentially the actress/writer, who stars in the internet series “the Guild” and also appears in “Dr Horribles Sing-Along Blog”, which I’ll probably do a segment on at some point, maybe Wednesday when the Guild comes out again, or Thursday which is probably when I will have watched it. I seem to be babbling, but yeah.
that guy is not me, but this is from 

Felicia Days "flog", just talks about what she likes and shows us a segment of what fun she has each week, doing a different hobby or thingymajig. So people who cannot afford to do random things such as: blacksmithing and using a chainsaw to make ice sculptures, can now live vicariously through this! I think it’s quite entertaining and makes me giggle as well as wasting 8 minutes which will get me through boring days.

You may be wondering how that is a big thing. Well I’ll tell you if you give a me a chance!

 The topic of this week’s flog was crocheting, and because, as much as I hate to admit it, it seems to becoming more popular. Possibly even more so that famous people are demonstrating it, damn trend setters. This really random crocheting segment got me thinking about a new(ish) past-time known as yarn bombing, where people place knitted or crocheted (yes there is a difference) on to random objects and example can be found on my blog list, but here is a link to it anyway: http://woolandwhatknot.blogspot.co.uk/ and a picture to show you an example of yarn bombing:
from http://woolandwhatknot.blogspot.co.uk/

 This blog will also instruct you on the basic skills required to start making your own stuff to place on random objects! Or you can just wear them or give them to your friends, who you don’t like as much as others, depending on the quality of your work. just go have fun and start a knitting circle! Or Crocheting circle!
from http://clairetown.com/images/knitting_circle.jpg

 Or you can be hardcore and do this:

Im pretty sure there is a knitting combined with a explosion pun here, but I seriously cant think of one. Shame on me! *Facepalm*

May have just used the wrong picture for a face palm… but I did it on purpose.

Game Of Thrones: My other like of the day (so far)


Well watched the most recent episode last night before my sleepy time, though it was after midnight so its technically Tuesday, not Monday. I really cannot explain why I like this as much as I do, but I also cannot explain why I like other things such as “True Blood” or “Todd and the book of pure evil”

For those of you who don't know what Game of Thrones is, I suggest you start from the beginning you will be hella confused if you just drop into it. Basically its about a made up land called Westeros which is a collection of different... families! (and areas where the families reside) ruled by the King who sits on the "Iron Throne", but due to events in season one, all the Lords of the separate areas/families such as the North's "Winterfell" led by the "Starks", or whoever else now want to take the Iron Throne for themselves. It's cool, there is some sword play and a dwarf with awesome dialogue! With also hints of Dragons! But if your mind is really in the gutter there is a lot of sex in it. bluh.

Its near the end of the second season so I’m sure something of note will actually happen soon! I think I just get sucked in to all the drama and sometimes its ridiculousness. I think this is a example of what sounds good on paper, just not on tv. I mean it’s a medieval fantasy with basically no sword fighting, so far its just a politically stand-off with hopes of a battle at the end.  This sort of sums it up: http://www.collegehumor.com/article/6750496/americas-game-of-thrones

The second season is proving to be better, thankfully they gave Tyrion a better part in the story. But I think the main reason it is better is because the first season was basically build up to the second season… I wonder how it got away with that, probably because of Tyrion:

Well that’s my likes of the day, If I get bored later I will possibly post more, but I will definitely post the comic review (or two) later today, until then, oh I don’t know what to say… fml? Which of course means:
It does mean that right?

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