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KF's Super Comic Review: Hell Yeah #2

KF's Super Comic Review: Hell Yeah Issue 2

Due to exams, I will continuing the Hell Yeah series today, although I wans't too fond of the first issue it did feel like it could improve itself in the upcoming chapters even if the art did really bother me, and I also own the other two so why not review them? So here it is:

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Well Issue two front cover seems to have upped on sex appeal to attract its readers, and its always weird realizing this is what the artists most likely find sexy, but i digress. Instead of continuing from the strange ending of Issue one, this issue starts in an almost identical way, i.e some dude with blonde hair beating up another dude. But ah! There is a twist, this new blonde person who is obviously Benjamin Day, but an alternate reality Benji, however this time instead of being  a punk who wants nothing to do with super heroes, he appears to have donned the super-hero persona, spandex included. 

Then comes the strange reveal of its title (unless you didn't know it already, and it obviously was not in your face enough) HELL YEAH is now accompanied with this new Ben being straddled by his girlfriend has he gropes her. Whats even more strange this is done on pavement in what can only be assumed as a public place, while another person lies next to them severely beaten. Who says romance is dead?

After this strange act we return to freaky face Benjamin Day in the reality introduced in the first issue, this being the aftermath of a blown up school. And of course the first image of this main character, is none other than freaky face! I really dont get this look? Why did they do this on purpose..... Anyway, three new 
characters are introduced to us who are from a different reality, Jess, Val, and the aptly named Die!Die!Die!. Val being alternate Ben's girlfriend.  They have come to this reality to find Ben, due to certain murdery reasons.

The main use of this issue to gain some back story to what has been happening in the other reality and why the female trio came to Super-Earths reality, even though nothing was really answered. All we know is that there is a masker killer, killing off other Ben's, who are actually present in this comic. 3 to be precise:

  • Action Hero Ben
  • Engineer/Scientist Ben
  • Homeless Ben

I am seriously not joking, he looks homeless, really great character design going on here. Each of the Bens receive an pretty gory execution at the hands of some masked murderer, its odd that they prove to be quite useless actually, Action hero Ben even gets to signature stupid face before his death, sucks for them I guess.
alas, why is my face so weird?

They dont even leave any mystery to who the masked killer is, it is just revealed straight away! So much for a tale of suspense. Thats pretty much how it ends, masked killer... kills people, masked killer is revealed. 

I admit things are getting abit more interesting now, so I can get used to the bad art just try to ignore the freaky faces that are demonstrated throughout, you may notice when any character is far-ish away they loose any definition in their eyes, just single black dots. Maybe they are in a rush or something? Even though they take a month per issue.e

Looks like I'll be doing Issue 3 tomorrow, so lets see if there are any other developments, though I am seriously hoping no more alternate reality Ben's appear, because then it will start to get ridiculous. Just like the demonstrations of "Death Rays" in this issue, not too sure if they are called death rays but thats what it does, even though there is consistency issues with the actual deaths from the same frickin weapon! 

Why am I reading this. On a final note the freaky face crew make one last return (for today anyway), to give you an important message
That was a lie, there is no message, but look at their faces! All images of comic belong to Image Comics 
I shall be completing issue 3, and giving Hell Yeah a rest until the new one comes out, though considering whether or not to buy it may prove troublesome.

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